SoundRacer Electric Vehicle Sound Module EVSMA-1


Sound Module for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The EVSMA-1 module is designed for pedestrian warning sound, AVAS, and entertainment engine sound for enhanced driving experience.

  • Electric and hybrid cars, BEV, PHEV and HEV.
  • Electric scooters, bikes and motorcycles.
  • Electric vehicles like airport transporters, NEVs and golf karts.
  • Electric buses, trucks and fork lifts.
  • Cars converted to electric.
  • Home built electric cars.
  • E-Karts.

Vehicle speed or RPM input

0‐5V analog signal.

0‐x Hz frequency signal

CAN bus speed or RPM input via external interface, see page Accessories.

More info about input signals here

Engine sound output

2x20W integrated Class-D amplifier. Connect directly to speakers.
Line output to external amplifier.

Engine sounds, see page EV Sounds

Sound files are stored on a MicroSD memory card. These engine sounds are included with the sound module:
Standard 4-cylinder car, Shelby Mustang V8, Lamborghini V10, Lexus LFA V10, Ferrari V12  and the motorcycle sounds Suzuki GSX and Classic American V-Twin motorcycle.
Other engine sounds, like a big diesel truck, are available.
With the SoundRacer File Generator Windows program the user can generate a sound file from four wav files: Idling, acceleration low, acceleration high and deceleration.

A company specialized in developing vehicle sounds can supply unique customer defined sound files for EVSMA-1. Contact us for more info using this form.

MicroSD memory card:

Input signal settings and other parameters are stored together with the sound files on a MicroSD memory card. User can select settings and sounds in the SRFileGen Windows program and store on the MicroSD card.

Gear change function

Simulated gear changes at two different speeds, customer specified with the SRFileGen Windows program. The function is selectable with external switch.

Power supply

Voltage 11‐15V DC. Current consumption less than <4A with full sound level output.


UNECE Regulation 10: Vehicle Radiated Emissions & Immunity Tested. See page Certifications


Box (with mounting flanges):  87 (111) x 57 x 39 mm. Weight 85 g. 16 pin connector.

EVSMA-1 w MicroSD

Fill in this form for more info and quotes.

User Manual can be downloaded here SoundRacer EVSMA-1 User Manual 1811

Manufactured for SoundRacer AB by Frontside Electronics AB, Sweden. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifikats


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