Weather protected speakers

Speed/rpm sensors

Connectors and wires


SoundRacer speakers are designed for exterior use and fully weather protected.

Speaker 3 inch

SoundRacer speaker EVSP31, 25W, 4 Ohm, 96x96x90 mm. IP68
Powerful sound, the best speaker we have tested.
Superseal connector.


SoundRacer Hall sensor can be connected directly to the sound module and produce a pulse each time a magnet south pole passes within 10 mm. EVHS-01

Hall sensor w magnets

SoundRacer Hall sensor and magnets


Connector and wire set for EVSMA-1, CW16

Cables-connector set

Cable set with wires and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Delivered as 8 pcs 300 mm wires with terminals in both ends, see picture, to be cut in 16 wires with terminal in one end.


Connector with terminals for EVSMA-1, CT16

Set with 16 pcs terminals and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.
Terminals can be crimped or soldered to wires. Wires not included.