Weather protected speakers

Speed/rpm sensors

Connectors and wires


SoundRacer speakers are designed for exterior use and fully weather protected.

Speaker 3 inch

SoundRacer square 3″ speaker, 25W RMS, 95x95x90 mm


Speaker 2030

SoundRacer round 3″ speaker, 25W RMS, diameter 85×80 mm


Speaker 2025

SoundRacer 2,5″ speaker, 20W RMS


 SoundRacer Hall sensor can be connected directly to the sound module and produce a pulse each time a magnet south pole passes withing 8-10 mm.

Hall sensor w magnets

SoundRacer Hall sensor and magnets


Connector and wire set for EVSMA-1

Cables-connector set

Cable set with 16 pcs 150 mm wires and one 16 pole connector for EVSMA-1 sound module.